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Touch International Replacement Video Game Touch Screens

  • Available for the following Touch International Touch Screen Models:
    • 15″ Flat: for use with Merit EVO, Ion, Vibe and Elite Edge. Reference #: 57-150FA-002-1.
    • 15″ Curved: for use with Merit Radeon Force Countertop. Reference #: 57-150SA-021-1T.
    • 19″ Curved: for use with Merit XL and Maxx. Reference #: 13-1931-01NL.
    • 19″ Curved: for use with Merit Radeon Force. Reference #: 57-190SA-031-1T.

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15" Flat, 15" Curved, 19" Curved for XL/Maxx, 19" Curved for Radeon


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