Imonex R9 Coin Acceptor | with Asahi Seiko Extension



IMONEX R9 Series Roll Down Coin Acceptor with Asahi Seiko” Extension

  • Can be used for single-coin or multi-coin purposes
  • Available models: Nickel or Quarter ($0.25) & .900 Token
  • The IMONEX patented, manual coin processing system has no moving parts, resulting in proven and reliable coin flow
  • The R9 Series is designed with mechanical switches or with an Electronic/Multiplying board (EM Board) with optic sensing.
  • Virtually eliminates expensive electronic coin detection expenses
  • IMONEX proven reliable coin flow
  • A synthetic housing and stainless steel virtually eliminates corrosion
  • Highly reliable optical coin sensing. Custom injected molded non-opaque housing to protect optics from environment (for EM board models only)
  • Includes a coin return button for clearing lodged coins
  • Standard stainless steel face plate (UXM)
  • Lockout (optional)

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Nickel, Quarter & .900 Token


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