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Aramith Premier Belgian Pool and Billiard Ball Set


Aramith Premier Belgian Pool and Billiard Ball Set with 2-1/4" Cue Ball.

The Premier Aramith Belgian Pool Balls Set is the perfect compromise between quality and price. It has the classic numbers in the stripe look and tight cosmetic criteria. Made of Aramith Premier Phenolic resin with far better resistance longevity than polyester. Experience the high quality standards Aramith Pool balls are known for, with each ball providing the perfect density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness and weight. This Premier Billiard Ball Set features:

  • Made of Phenolic Resin
  • Standard size - 2 1/4"
  • Standard Weight - 6 oz.
  • Number in the White(field) - 9-15 Balls.
  • Weight, Hardness, & Roundness all Meets International Billiards Standards.
  • Worldwide Endorsement - Aramith Phenolic Balls are Used by Most Professional Tours, Federations, and Amateur Leagues.

FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM - within the 48 Continental States

Product Code: BS0241
Price: $137.95

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